She & I Don't Get Along

Hey! I'm Kyra. NJ. I like to write/ listen to music/ take pictures/ attempt to play the guitar/ collect irrational fears. Following is appreciated but not mandatory.


bro i love sports and women. i got to like 8th base with this hot babe “8th base whats that” she took me to the house she grew up in and showed me pictures of her dead relatives. We sat in the living room and she told me the stories of her life that lead to that moment. Like quicksand they, and that moment were gone and we left back into the cold world which we’d been spat into. It was raining

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The Antlers


Wake - The Antlers
It was easier to lock the doors and kill the phones
Than to show my skin, because the hardest thing
Is never to repent for someone else, it’s letting people in

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Titus Andronicus - The Battle of Hampton Roads

And there is still nothing about myself I respect
Still haven’t done anything I did not later regret
I’ve a hand and a napkin when I’m looking for sex
And that’s no one to talk to when feeling depressed

And so now when I drink, I’m going to drink to excess
And when I smoke, I will smoke gaping holes in my chest
And when I scream, I will scream until I’m gasping for breath
And when I get sick, I will stay sick for the rest

Of my days peddling hate out the back of a Chevy Express
Each one a fart in the face of your idea of success
And if this be thy will, then fucking pass me the cup
And I’m sorry, Dad, no, I’m not making this up

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