She & I Don't Get Along

Hey! I'm Kyra. I like to write/ listen to music/ take pictures/ attempt to play the guitar/ collect irrational fears. Following is appreciated but not mandatory.


Amy Stein - Domesticated (2008)

Artist’s statement:

“Within these scenes I explore our paradoxical relationship with the wild and how our conflicting impulses continue to evolve and alter the behavior of both humans and animals. We at once seek connection with the mystery and freedom of the natural world, yet we continually strive to tame the wild around us and compulsively control the wild within our own nature. Within my work I examine the primal issues of comfort and fear, dependence and determination, submission and dominance that play out in the physical and psychological encounters between man and the natural world. Increasingly, these encounters take place within the artificial ecotones we have constructed that act as both passage and barrier between domestic space and the wild.”

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Andrew Jackson Jihad



I hate whiny fucking songs like this,
But I can’t afford a therapist.
Sorry guys, here’s a solo.

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